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I offer hourly consulting sessions in the below areas, as well as more comprehensive consulting on a per-project or monthly retainer basis. For sample references or more detail on what I offer in each of these areas, please contact me or scroll further down this page.
  • Sponsorship/Advertising Sales Strategy
  • Event Strategy and Event Production 
  • Social Media Strategy and Execution
My hourly rate is variable, depending on the scope of the work, and starts at $100. All potential consulting relationships start with a 30 minute consultation ($50) in person in New York City or remotely via Skype. I'm ready to jump in and be your partner in creating your business' next success story. My reputation is built by ensuring my clients' success. Please contact me using the contact info below to get the conversation started.

Contact Me

  • Emily Cavalier
  • emily@mouthoftheborder dot com
  • Skype: emilycavalier
  • Ph: 646.657.8276
  • Twitter: ECava


Sponsorship/Advertising Sales Strategy: I work with clients on sponsorship/advertising sales strategy, helping them develop their products and defined sales offerings from the ground up if necessary. I generally do this work in regards to live events, but have consulted with online media properties in this area as well. On the flip side, if you are a company sponsoring several events and need help managing your company's sponsorship integrations, I also help you get the most out of your investment. I do contract sponsorship sales work in select situations. I can help you:
  • Create and manage multifaceted integrated sponsorships and other advertising opportunities for clients pre- and post-event
  • Develop and refine your product or event to make sure it is something the market wants to buy
  • Assist you and your sales team in developing your pitch language and sales timeline
  • Help you see cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Create your strategy for pitching existing relationships/clients vs. new leads
  • Subcontract a researcher to assist your team with lead gen
Client testimonial:
“I have worked with Emily for over two years as part of our sponsorship of various events. In that time, I have consistently been impressed with her proactive management style, attention to detail, and commitment to our needs. Having worked with countless events over the years, I can easily say that Emily is the best Project Manager I've encountered. She understands that her success is built upon the sponsor's success and works diligently before, during, and after the event to ensure your goals are met. Emily's also an extremely capable communicator. She has worked with all levels of individuals within our company--from front line event folks, all the way up to our CEO--and in every case, they've come away impressed. In short, Emily's someone I will seek to work with again in the future. Her combination of talent, energy, and personality is all-too-rare these days.” - Jeffrey Rohrs, Vice President, Marketing, ExactTarget Event Strategy and Event Production: Whether you want to produce a launch event, celebrate your company's anniversary or produce a conference, workshop or party for your clients/audience, I can help you:
  • Create internal event production timelines and run of shows
  • Vendor management, site visits and site selection or recommendation
  • Identify desired demographics of audience and recommend acquisition strategy
  • Manage onsite logistics and day-of logistics
  • Develop overall event marketing plan and execution of marketing initiatives for the event
  • If the event is a content-focused event with speakers, I can create and execute a content strategy
  • Oversee and execute speaker recruiting process, if necessary
  • Overall speaker and sponsor management
Client testimonial:
“I hired Emily to help me produce an activity I was planning for Google New York -- in this case, we wanted to do a Google Places-themed edition of Emily's Midnight Brunch supper club. Emily is a true professional and a pleasure to work with -- punctual, organized and detail-oriented. She also paid close attention to my goals for the event (in terms of the ROI that I needed from the activity) and I truly felt that she was every bit as committed to the success of the activity as I was. Because of that commitment, the Midnight Brunch activity was a hit: I'll definitely look forward to collaborating on future events with Emily.” - Esther Brown, Chief of Staff, Google+ Local Community Team, Google Social Media Strategy and Execution I can help you:
  • Social network evaluation to determine appropriate fit across platforms based on client objectives
  • Creation and/or management of social accounts
  • Installation and monitoring of Google Analytics data to identify and educate clients on traffic, keyword trends and loyalty
  • Relationship-building to improve online and offline community loyalty
  • Integration of multi-media content across platforms, where appropriate
  • Selection and installation of blogging platform
  • Creation of editorial strategy and blogging calendar
Client testimonial:
“Emily was a great addition to the extended Gourmet Live team in helping us execute social media partnerships, project managing them from start to finish. She's incredibly knowledgeable and her the benefit of working with her still reaps networking benefits for us today. We would definitely work with Emily again and recommend her 110%!” Juliana Stock, Senior Director Marketing & Product Development (formerly GM of Gourmet Live), Conde Nast

A Little About Me

In addition to founding this site, I consult on live event strategy/production, sponsorship sales and social media strategy with food, beverage, tech and media brands. Previous to my consulting career, I worked in the corporate event and business-to-business professional services industry for over five years and was a journalist. I'm also the founder and hostess of Midnight Brunch. Midnight Brunch is a regular series of rogue dinner parties in the middle of the night, and big companies pay me to do it. Midnight Brunch connects some of the city's most culturally literate residents and adventurous eaters to help them learn about new types of ethnic food and craft cocktails in a fun and elegant environment. It also gives both startups and well-known brands a way to intersect (via custom sponsorship opportunities) with the exact demographic that is so hard to engage with deeply online.


Want more info? Check out my recommendations on LinkedIn. Contact Me
  • Emily Cavalier
  • emily@mouthoftheborder dot com
  • Skype: emilycavalier
  • Ph: 646.657.8276
  • Twitter: ECava

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