Gone Fishin’. Back September 4.

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'Golden Sunrise', United States, New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee, Pitchwood Island, Sunrise Photo credit: WanderingtheWorld on flickr

Hi MOTB Tribe. Can you believe it's the end of AUGUST?! I've had a happy summer, full of so many great moments and memories. We kicked things off with our Cinco de Mayo Midnight Brunch with Tafari Travel and Mexico Tourism Board on May 4. It was the first time we had live entertainment (in the form of a live mariachi band that showed up at 2 a.m. as guests were eating dessert!). IMG_8072a We did some other stuff in May, too. In June, we had Midnight Brunch "Chicken or Egg" Edition, which marked the first time we let a guest chef take over the whole dinner menu. Biddy and Yolk killed it. We continued the live entertainment theme with the addition of the gorgeous burlesque dancer Calamity Chang. Here's a pic of the MB Chicken or Egg crew doing the team shot afterwards. Post-event toast with the Midnight Brunch x Biddy & Yolk crew In July, we headed out to Portland, OR for World Domination Summit and had a lifechanging experience, spoke to an audience of 1,000 people (and ate some great food). IMG_6296 We came home and collaborated with KitchenAid for a good cause with Midnight Brunch's Cook for the Cure Edition. It was our first charity-related partnership and we had such a wonderful time with our guest list full of food bloggers. Then we jetted down to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail. We're kind of depressed that we're not still in New Orleans. DSC01807 When we turned around, it was August. We got off the plane from New Orleans and went straight into executing our takeover of Nitehawk Cinema for the Midnight Brunch x Girl Walk // All Day event, where we screened the indie film Girl Walk // All Day and welcomed the filmmakers for a Q&A after the midnight screening. This is the first time we partnered with a venue (Nitehawk) and relied on their kitchen and bar team to execute our vision. It was also the first time we got to name the cocktails! Untitled And now? And now! I'm on the verge of jumping into a completely different adventure. In addition to running Midnight Brunch, I'm joining a second business as co-owner/managing partner and vice president next month. I've been consulting with the co-founders for 6 months now and it's clear that we're meant to build something new together as a team. I'm honored and completely floored to have an opportunity to work on my dual passions in equal measure. More on that another time. Before I start that next chapter, though, I'm taking off for some quiet time to evaluate what I've done over the past year and set goals for the coming year. (I follow this process.) I'm going to a place in the middle of nowhere. I've always wanted to just curl up in a cabin and read books, eat ice cream, look at stars, munch on fresh blueberries, sleep late and have time to think. Thanks, Haagen-Dazs, for the opportunity. I won't be posting around here for the next week, but I'll be posting some pics on Instagram and sending them out with the hashtag #HDMoment. Tag your summer moments, too, if you want me to see them. I'll be back next month (September!!), and Midnight Brunch will be back in October. Until then, I'm hangin' up the Gone Fishin' sign and calling it a day! IMG_1256

 Photo credit: cdedbdme on Flickr


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