No Name Ramen

by Emily on June 19, 2012 · 2 comments

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A couple weeks ago, Eater NY put together a pretty nifty list of underground ramen spots all over NYC. I asked my Twitter friends who might want to join me to check a few of them out and it looks like we may make a group pilgrimage to a few of these spots in a couple weeks. In the meantime, I have ramen on the mind and a friend's recent get-together at the first spot on Eater's list gave me the perfect opportunity to satisfy the craving. Amy chose No Name Bar to celebrate a special milestone. As soon as I sidled up to the bar, we ordered a round of drinks and noodles and took our meal ticket downstairs to the 6-seat ramen bar. On the night we went, they were offering oxtail noodles, vegetable noodles and flat noodles with lamb. I really wanted the lamb noodles but had just polished off a strawberry ice cream cone and wasn't hungry enough. Plus, the flat noodles would not have satisfied my highly specific ramen craving. So I got the vegetable noodles. DSC01704 The noodles were beautifully loaded up with baby bok choy, thinly sliced radishes and scallions. The broth was heady and fragrant. The bar offered three different types of hot sauces and plenty of napkins and chopsticks. We slurped away while chef Lindsay Salminen cooked up other bargoers' orders. DSC01702 I should have figured this would be a handmade noodle-type of spot, but who ever expects handmade noodles underneath a literal no name bar in Greenpoint? DSC01703 Verdict: Nuanced and satifying. The ramen noodles had a bit more chew than I would normally like but the flavors were layered in a sophisticated way that showed they put care into building each bowl. I tasted Amy's bowl of lamb noodles and they were the bomb! My cup of noodles was $6, and a full bowl is $12. For under $20, you can get a cup of noodles and a cocktail and go home happy! DSC01708   Go for the chill scene. Pause for a drink (in the backyard, while it's still summer). Stay for the noodles. No Name Bar 597 Manhattan Ave. (between Driggs Ave & Nassau Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11222 No website


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  • Clay Hebert

    Be honest. You didn’t get the oxtail noodles because you know it can’t compare to the best oxtail dish you’ve ever had. :)

    • emilyspearl

      Well, there was that, too. You know, I try to recreate it and it’s always tasty but I need your recipe! Plus you and J and a couple bottles of red. :)

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