Eating Sunset Park: Cold Rice Noodles at Yun Nan Flavour Snack

by Emily on February 21, 2012 · 2 comments

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Sometimes you eat something and then you can't get it out of your head. The flavors crash onto your tongue like a monsoon, washing away your resolve to be reasonable. The perfect bite reduces you to a weakling, a mess. Words don't make sentences, you close your eyes in an attempt to taste harder. You may as well be falling in love. This is how I feel about the cold rice noodles at Yun Nan Flavour Snack. I found love in a hopeless place finally discovered Yun Nan when I went on a day-long eating spree last October in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood with my friend Clay Hebert and new friends Tera and Wes, who were filming us as we visited close to 10 restaurants (more on our field trip and a list of places we visited here). Sunset Park is a true jewel for ethnic food lovers with all of its Chinese and Mexican homestyle restaurants, but Yun Nan definitely delivered my favorite bite of the day. To really understand the glory that is Yun Nan Flavour Snack, I need to put you in my mouth. Watch the video below. (If it's not showing up for you, watch here: I'll share more stories from this eating spree as well as more video thanks to Tera and Wes. By the way, they were total champs that day. I had them eating weird food all day and then dragged them into a bowling alley bar for a cocktail after they had already put up with me for five hours. Can we just talk about how wonderful they are in their artistry? I edited the above video, but they shot it and it was such a joy to spend the day with them. That there is Wes, enjoying his first goat taco in life. IMG_3810 And here is the gorgeous Tera, trying the cold rice noodles (once she pried them out of my greedy hands). IMG_3800 Hope y'all had a great holiday weekend. Mine involved a gumbo party (happy Mardi Gras!) and a four-hour lunch with many platters of meats at Kebab Cafe in Astoria, Queens. Don't worry, you'll be hearing about that fo' sho. P.S. Don't forget to enter to win a seat at Midnight Brunch - Carnaval Edition! March 2nd. Details here.


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  • clayhebert

    Those cold rice noodles are easily one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Thanks for letting me be part of the adventure that day. 

    • emilyspearl

      Big compliment coming from a fellow food devotee, but you know I agree with you. Thanks for being part of the special adventure!

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