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[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="337" caption="Photo credit: Fonzie's cousin on Flickr"]Superman[/caption] It's funny when something you'd never thought about comes up in conversation three times with three different people in as many days. I usually take that as a sign that something's worth paying attention to, so here goes.
  • Raise your hand if you are a man and you like food.
  • Keep your hand up if you also like cooking.
  • Ok, I see quite a few hands still up. Now, keep your hands up if you also like reading about food on blogs or in magazines (or watching food tv shows).
  • Put your hand down if you feel like any of this food media (blogs, magazines, TV shows) is geared towards you and gives you what you want in terms of tone, advertising, subject matter, etc.
Well, that's odd. None of you put your hands down. All of the men here who have a moderate enthusiasm about food feel like food media does nothing to serve them or speak to them. This is really news to me. I'm a woman, so I really don't even notice that everything in food is geared towards me. It never occurred to me until this week that men might want to be talked to in a different way or see different ads in between bites of food content. I've got one male acquaintance who has a staff of female food writers and is fighting having a skewed tone of voice across his company's media properties. He is looking for male food writers, but where are they? Apparently, according to a digital media food editor I met with recently, they're all being snapped up by the likes of Bon App or Food & Wine. Maybe they're hiding them? A friend of mine popped by at dinnertime last night and he was sharing how he exasperates his wife when he cooks, because she gets home from work hungry and he's starting something that takes six hours to cook.
"I don't cook 30 min. meals, I don't look for quick and easy things to get on the table," he said. "I cook to see what happens."

So, what are your thoughts? If you're a guy that loves food, what content would you like to see? An article or show about [fill in the blank]? What advertisers do you *wish* you saw between the pages of Bon App articles, or in commercials during "Man vs. Food?"

Let me know. I'm seriously really curious about this.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="397" caption="Photo credit: CarbonNYC on Flickr"]Get Your Betacarotene[/caption]

I've always wanted to partner with a mag like GQ as a media sponsor or paid sponsor for Midnight Brunch (P.S. Did you get your tickets?). Midnight Brunch is a fun, sexy, adventurous experience that appeals to men as much as to women and I've always had a good mix between men & women at my events. So, that should happen.

Also, I'm partnering with Char-Broil as a featured blogger to do a series of posts on grilling. My first one is going to be about my first experience smoking a turkey, which will not only appeal to you guys who dream of smoking things made of meat, but it will also be hilarity for the whole family as I will assuredly burn something down in the process.

Bottom line, I love men. Always have and always will. I'm obviously a chick (living in a woman-dominated food media world) but I want this site and my food events to be man-friendly and loved by all.

In the meantime, enjoy these man-friendly/man-focused food sites made just for your enjoyment:


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