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No recaps today. Just a whole lot of this. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="375" caption="Face full of e-fu noodles with mushrooms at Lucky Eight, Sunset Park, Brooklyn."]Face full of e-fu noodles with mushrooms at Lucky Eight, Sunset Park, Brooklyn.[/caption] Tuesday, I went on a daylong exploration of Sunset Park with film/photograhy team Armosa Studios. They were filming me for a project I hope to share with you soon. Check out their touching and funny video about my friend Chris Guillebeau's World Domination Summit: World Domination Summit 2011. They got five hours of footage and tons of photos as I took them on a walking tour of the neighborhood's Chinese and Mexican restaurants, markets and food vendors. It. Was. Awesome. The trip was also doubling as research for my custom walking food & cocktail tours and upcoming editions of Midnight Brunch. Check out the map of Sunset Park food places I'm researching, some of which we visited Tuesday: http://bit.ly/mbsunset Speaking of Midnight Brunch, are you on the invite list? Fill out this form by 10 p.m. tonight (Thursday) if you want to get the details tomorrow on our invitation-only November event: http://bit.ly/mbinvite. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for delectable details on all the good eating to be had in the wonderful neighborhood of Sunset Park (and bring your appetite)!


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