Chuko! New Ramen Joint Opens in Prospect Heights

by Emily on September 8, 2011 · 0 comments

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The Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn is coming up in the world now that it's got its own bona fide ramen shop from none other than Jamison Blankenship and David Koon, former Chef de Cuisine and Executive Sous Chef respectively at Morimoto. I went with two friends the night after they opened. Even though it's only been two weeks since then, the webernets is already blowing up with people loving on their noodles. This part of Brooklyn was in desparate need of a ramen repository and I'm super excited to have this place within walking distance. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Chuko Mosaic: What We Ate"]Chuko Mosaic: What We Ate[/caption] What we ate: Gyoza, fried green tomato bun, shishito peppers with olive oil and salt, one order each of the pork, miso and soy ramens and one amazingly delicious ice cream sandwich (by sandwich, I mean ice cream smooshed between two chocolate macarons). (Pictured above. Top row: Chuko's blackboard for 8/25/11, Chuko menu, shishito peppers, pork ramen in pork broth. Bottom row: Amazing ice cream sandwich made with chocolate macarons, pork gyoza, Chuko storefront, green tomato bun.) I ordered the pork ramen in pork broth for myself. The pork was tender, though not overly so. The broth was super salty to me, but I don't use a ton of salt in my cooking. There are many ramen joints whose broth is even saltier than that of Chuko. The egg was perfect. I had wanted the soft egg they serve with the miso broth and they couldn't do it for me that night but, as you can see from the photo, my egg yolk was still a gorgeous creamy gold. There was also a substantial and tasty tangle of mustard greens to wrap around bites of pork, chewy noodle and egg. Hustle on over to Chuko this weekend and get your ramen on. They're open 5:30 pm - 11 pm Tues. through Sunday for now. Pro tip: If there's a wait, you can grab a cocktail across the street at Weather Up - my favorite neighborhood cocktail bar. Chuko 552 Vanderbilt Ave (between Atlantic Ave. & Pacific St.), Brooklyn, NY 11238 (718) 576-6701 Yelp Site More Links: Read about the owners' journey to open Chuko on Nona Brooklyn.


There's only ONE day left to win a seat at the next Midnight Brunch on Sept. 17. Do it!

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