The Best Ethnic Food Carts in Midtown: MOTB explores.

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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="In the Biryani Cart - in the cart with owner Meru."]Biryani Cart - in the cart with owner Meru.[/caption] We mentioned a few months ago that we're in the process of scouting NYC's five boroughs for the best hidden gems in the food cart/food truck scene in order to nominate them for a Vendy Award. Recently, we had a chance to check out some of the golden standards of food vendors in Midtown by joining Urban Oyster on one of their two food cart tours. Many of these tasty mobile meals are provided by former Vendy winners, so it was great to get a close-up look at why these guys are so popular. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="373" caption="Galbi, bulgogi, kimchee and japchae from Bapcha Cart"]Galbi, bulgogi, kimchee and japchae from Bapcha Cart[/caption] We had a great time on the tour. Our guide and Urban Oyster cofounder Cindy VandenBosch was incredibly informative on the stories of each of the food carts as well as regarding the overall history of food trucks in NYC. You can tell she's spent a lot of time with vendors and really wants to help promote their place in the cultural fabric of NYC. The other great aspect of taking the tour was being able to check off several different types of ethnic eats on the cheap in the course of one afternoon. While we spend a lot of time in out of the way neighborhoods looking for the most authentic eats, that's certainly not the only way to get your fill as an ethnic food lover in NYC. Starting this Friday, July 8, Urban Oyster will be running a week-long promotion that will give you $5 off an Urban Oyster food cart tour when you buy tickets for this year's Vendy Awards. The Urban Oyster team is also a wealth of information on food carts and trucks in the city. Check out our Urban Oyster guide Brian Hoffman's blog and web series, Eat This NY, about his quest through some of NYC's most classic foods. Another great site they recommend is Midtown Lunch, a blog that follows food carts and other cheap eats in Midtown. Here are links to some of Urban Oyster's favorite food carts in Midtown: Trini Paki Boys (Yelp site) El Rey Del Sabor (Yelp site) Kwik Meal Biryani Cart (Yelp site) Bapcha (Yelp site) Miss Softee (Yelp site) Other Urban Oyster favorites not included on this particular day's midtown tour: Jamaican Dutchy Wafels & Dinges Schnitzel & Things Be sure to check back here on Friday for a recap of the Financial District food cart tour! Click the photo below to read the rest of this post and see more food truck photos on the Vendy Blog. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="373" caption="Beef quesadilla from El Rey de Sabor. Uncommonly tasty."]Beef quesadilla from El Rey de Sabor. Uncommonly tasty.[/caption]

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