Giving and Gratitude – Songs of Love For Japan

by Emily on April 18, 2011 · 1 comment

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Hi friends. I took a week off from MOTB - the first in many, many months. What started as just exhaustion evolved into a minor health issue that made it quite clear that I was overtaxing my system and very much in need of a time out. I woke up this morning to a very sweet email from a reader and twitter friend whom I've never met in person. She was sweet and encouraging. It was a generous gesture that was just what I needed to pop back in here to say hello and let you all know I'm fine. For whatever small worries I encounter, though, there is a whole country half a world away where things are not fine and their problems are far, far more serious than a simple case of exhaustion. The March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami (and another earthquake) have devastated Japan, and there is so much we can do to help assist the disaster recovery efforts For all of my food lovers, I already mentioned my friend Marc Matsumoto's Peko Peko Cookbook. If you're not much of a cook, you can still get involved and get something nifty in exchange. Introducing Songs of Love For Japan (SOLFJ), an amazing music + charity project brought to us by one of my newest friends, Bryce Longton. From Bryce (with a couple additions from me):  

Songs of Love for Japan (SOLFJ) is a three-day, 72-hour flash sale of great music for a great cause. The cornerstone of the sale is a $100 compilation of 100 rare and unique songs donated from 100 leading artists such as, Tori Amos, Sara Bareilles, Charlotte Martin, The xx, Lucy Woodward, Ani DiFranco, Brandi Carlile, Julian Velard, Fisher, and Correatown and many more. To sweeten the deal, SOLFJ is randomly gifting concert tickets, signed CDs and other one-of-a-kind items to purchasers of the 100-song compilation throughout the three-day sale. For those that still want to help Japan but lack $100, SOLFJ offers a sampling of 20 great songs for $20. The goal is to sell enough digital downloads that SOLFJ can send $250,000 to a charity called Shelter Box that specializes in providing disaster areas with much needed supplies and logistical support. The sale is April 18th (TODAY!) -21st. I really think it's a cool way people can help a good cause. *** Here is the complete list of artists included in the compilation: 20 Minutes to Park Aileen Morgan Alex Bugnon Alexa Wilkinson Alexander Cardinale Alina Smith Amy Speace Anais Mitchell Ani DiFranco Antigone Rising Artemis Aurora Bashiri Baum Bellringer Bhi Bhiman Brandi Carlile Brendan James Brett Turner Brian Mackey Byron Zanos Casey Desmond Charlie Crystle Charlotte Martin Cheryl B Engelhardt Chip Greene Chloe Temtchine Chris Keys Chrissy DePauw Clara Lofaro Correatown Darren Locke David Andrew Smith El Tambor Elizabeth & the Catapult Emerson Emily Zuick Ernie Halter Fill the Silence Fisher Freak Owls Full Price Gail Ann Dorsey Gavin John Gina Sicilla Hammel on Trial Hayley Sales Heather Nova Hope Waits I Am Not Lefthanded Jared Evan Jason Myles Goss Jeffrey Gaines Jenn Gleason Josh Ritter Julian Velard Karen Jacobson Kate Walsh Katey Laurel Keaton Simons Kings Cross Kittens Ablaze Kristin Hoffmann Left Standing Lenka Lettie Lucy Woodward Martina V Martin Rivas Matt Santry Matthew Mayfield Michael Whalen Midnight Spin Munkinpure Natasha Alexandra(NLX) Olivia O Paul Levinson Rachael Sage Raining Jane Random Runaway Dorothy Sara Bareilles Sarah Fimm Sarah Slean Shirin Sinem Saniye Sons of Radio The Deadlies The Perfects The Cringe The Submarines The Woodlands Trigga Tony Lucca Tori Amos VK Lynne Wendy Starland Wolf Parade World Versus Me Zoe Noell Check it out. If you love music, there are 100 reasons to get your hands on this and donate to help Japan. If $100 is too steep for you, Bryce and her team also curated a sampling of 20 tracks for $20. Either way, it feels good to give and I know that receiving even just a little gesture of kindness (like today's email) goes a long way in helping to heal. $20 or $100, I hope you check out SOLFJ today. ~ Emily
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