Midnight Brunch Makes its Debut

by Emily on January 27, 2011 · 2 comments

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IMG_0850 Yesterday, in Midnight Brunch Land: We're arguing over whether I'm "allowed" to fry jerk chicken. And we're marinating it in rum. I won't tell you how else I'm breaking the rules, but I am. This is my supper club. I have some leeway here to do what I want.
  • Midnight Brunch is a supper club focused on craft cocktails and comfort food inspired by New York City's ethnic neighborhoods. The brunch for dinner party & cocktail hour will happen every one to two months, based on demand.
  • Cost will vary month to month. The first event on Feb. 19 event is $85 per person.
  • Why brunch? It's my favorite meal. No one ever rushes through brunch, and I can't think of anything more fun at the moment than eating fried chicken and waffles in the middle of the night.
Quite a few aspects of the Midnight Brunch experience will be different from other supper clubs. We have a serious focus on the cocktails created for each event. They're meant to be complimentary to the food, but are not strict pairings. Cocktails and mixology are a language of their own, so our guest bartenders should to be able to show off their fluency in combining spirits with the vibe and elements of the meal in order to delight our friends' palates. That's why we give them a dedicated cocktail hour to strut their stuff, while the food takes a back seat. We'll focus on a culture or set of cultures for each event. As you know, Mouth of the Border walks readers through NYC's ethnic neighborhoods, one weird plate after another, in hopes of teaching people not just about restaurants or food but also about how people use eating and drinking as a celebration and a way to identify themselves in the context of this giant city we call home. Future events will have a cultural ambassador to educate us about the culinary history behind the menus I create. The first edition of Midnight Brunch is focused on West Indian/Caribbean flavors, since Brooklyn's Crown Heights was the first neighborhood I got to know through this site. I also lived in Aruba when I was younger and the flavors and the generous hospitality of the people there will always stick with me. People's palates and ideas will be challenged, though not in the same way that they might be if they visit with Mike Cirino and spend a day in molecular gastronomy with him and his crew at A Razor, A Shiny Knife. Through the course of my dinners, we'll walk people through unexpected produce, meats, herbs and spices they may not have heard of before, but we'll also show them that even cooking for 20 doesn't have to be difficult. Supper clubs can get a little precious. If my friends wanted a restaurant meal, they'd go to a restaurant. But they're coming to my kitchen (or someone else's really cool kitchen where I'm cooking), so I want to make them food that feels good, tastes good and that they can make at home themselves after they fall in love with it. More information to come on the crew working with me behind the first edition of this event, details on the cocktails and ingredients and more on the art, science and phenomenon of Supper Clubbing in and of itself.
  • For more information on the menu for our first event on February 19, click here.
  • To request an invitation to be on the list when tickets go on sale, please email me at emily@mouthoftheborder.com.
xx Emily
  • http://ncsuemme.blogspot.com/ emilyhanhan

    I’m so damn excited for you! And can’t wait to taste all this divinity, as long as I can grab a ticket before they disappear. Sending you much love in your road to rule the food world. <3

    • http://www.mouthoftheborder.com emilyspearl

      I reaaalllly hope you get a ticket, too. Maybe we’re crazy for thinking it
      will sell out quickly? Or maybe not. Love you!

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