What’d You Call Me? A Socialvore?

by Emily on December 20, 2010 · 0 comments

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Below is my favorite pic of the month so far. I got to meet Marc of No Recipes and Blondie and Brownie of, well, Blondie and Brownie at Gourmet Live's holiday bash on Dec. 7th at The Empire Room.

Blondie & Brownie, Mouth of the Border and No Recipes @ Gourmet Live Holiday Party

I wanted to share with you that Gourmet Live has invited me to be one of their blogger ambassadors as part of their Socialvore project. They announced the charter members of the Socialvore group on their blog on Friday.

Not only are the folks in the picture with me the same folks behind two sites that I love, but I found out that they'll be fellow blogger ambassadors. I'm amped about continuing to promote the Gourmet brand and to hopefully help educate and excite people about this amazing intersection of food and technology.

To follow all the Socialvores on Twitter, follow my Socialvore list.

Read this post for more info on the other Gourmet Live project I wrapped up last month.


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