Russian Fooding in Brighton Beach – Take 2

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Today I head out for my second food adventure of the week. I had entirely different post planned for you today, but technology isn't co-operating, so I thought I'd share my agenda for the afternoon. I took one trip out to Brighton Beach last year, and this is my second trip out to prepare to write about it. Obviously, since it's been so long since the last trip (and since I have so many more Russian friends in my life now - yay!), I have a ton to learn before I can share about it intelligently with you. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Egg-Based Russian Salad at Creperie Blinnaya, Brighton Beach"]Russian Salad at Creperie Blinnaya, Brighton Beach[/caption]

Let's not overthink things too much, though. The priorities for the Mouth of the Border experience are:
  1. Home-style cooking with dishes reflective of what someone from that neighborhood's culture/country would eat if cooking for him or herself.
  2. Exploring ethnic markets to see what produce, spices and other food items they cherish and that set their food apart from other cultures' (or sometimes it's surprising to find out what they have in common).
  3. Taking the above two aspects and using them to figure out how to make their foods at home and teaching you about it.
For my second trip out today, my friends and I are setting out to tackle the below list. Below is an email I sent out to my eating troops yesterday, and underneath are other notes/emails and translations to help me on my way. Have any Russian food/Brighton Beach recommendations? Leave them in the comments for me! "Hey folks. Some of you know about this, others of you I just threw on here to keep you in the loop or in hopes you can join. I'm doing one of my forays to research a culture for my food site (which you subscribe to, yes?). This involves a lot of eating, wandering grocery stores/markets, walking and picture taking. We are starting of at Glechik at noon. NOON. Then we will alternate between food markets and spots to grab a bite, all conveniently located along Brighton Beach Ave. We will decide together which place we want to end our day with - there are three choices below. - E"

Russian Fooding Agenda

1) Start off at Glechik (Ukranian) 3159 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235-6443 (718) 616-0766 Brighton Beach (Q, B) 2) M&I International - Grocery store (shopping spot) 249 Brighton Beach Ave (between Brighton 1st Pl & Brighton 2nd St) Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 615-1011 Nearest Transit: Ocean Pkwy (Q) or Brighton Beach (Q, B) 3) Varenichnaya - hole in the wall spot, good for dumplings 3086 Brighton 2nd St (between Brighton Beach Ave & Brightwater Ct) Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 332-9797 4) Brighton Bazaar - shopping spot 1007 Brighton Beach Ave (between Coney Island Ave & Brighton 11th St) Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 769-1700 Nearest Transit: Brighton Beach (Q, B) 5) Taste of Russia - meat counter and pierogi (if we are hungry, we can pick up nibbles here) 219 Brighton Beach Ave (at Brighton 1st Rd) Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 368-1560 6) Golden Label Russian Deli - shopping spot - cheese and chocolate 281/285 Brighton Beach Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 743-3900 End at one of these three places: Primorski Restaurant - (Georgian) 282 Brighton Beach Ave # B NY 11235-7411 (718) 891-3111 Nearest Transit: Brighton Beach (Q, B) Kebeer - (Uzbek + large German/Belgian/Czech beer list. Recommended eats include samsa, cheburekas and plov) 1003 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 934-9005 Cafe Arbat - sit down resto 306 Brighton Beach Ave (between Brighton 3rd St & Brighton 4th St) Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 332-5050 Nearest Transit: Brighton Beach (Q, B) Notes from Olga - Things to get at International: Various salads- Olivye, venigret, beet salad, carrot salad. Try some salamis and cheeses... All the pickled things... the smoked fish... Uzbek things to try - Chebureki and Samsa

Notes from Ivan - as far as good places, id also suggest Varenichnaya and Kebeer. the former specializes in dumplings and is a hole in the wall, the latter is an awesome beer bar with a russian/central asian/caucasian menu. speaking of which, you should try some uzbek food like Chebureki and Samsa and various types of kebabs. one specialty of russian restaurants is bc of generally no religious food restriction bs, you can get pork kebabs which are awesome. there used to be a sick georgian restaurant on the strip as well but its now closed unforch.

Translations (Not Really Alphabetized) - Georgian foods

Adjika- traditional spicy hot sauce Adjaruli Khachapuri - cheese-filled baked bread topped with eggs badrijani - eggplant Baje - traditional Georgian walnut sauce Badrijani (V) - stuffed aubergines with onions, herbs, and walnuts Citeli Lobio (V) red beans with walnuts, herbs, and Georgian spices Chikirtma - chicken soup made with lemon and eggs, flavoured with herbs chanakhi - lamb/meat stew Ispanaki (V) - steamed spinach with onions, herbs, & walnut Kharcho - beef soup with rice and Georgian spices Kuchmachi- pork lungs, livers and hearts, braised with onion and Georgian spices kartopili - potato khinkhali - soup dumpling thing kverstski - egg Khachapuri - cheese-filled griddle baked flat bread khatchapuri - catchall for various breads lobia - beans Lobio - stewed red beans with coriander & garlic Lobiani - stewed red beans- filled griddle baked flat bread mtsvadi - meat kebabs Mkhali - steamed leek with onions, herbs, & walnuts Mcvane Lobio- green beans with eggs, onions, herbs, and garlic nigviani/nigzvet - walnut pkhali - walnut based nut spread with various vegetables Pxlovana - griddle baked flat bread with spinach and cheese Sibirskiye pelmeni  = Siberian dumplings soko - mushroom Sacivi chicken in a traditional Georgian walnut sauce Soko - slowly cooked mushrooms with onions and herbs Soko Kecze - baked mushrooms with cheese Shoti Puri - bread baked in the charcoal oven Smetana - sour cream Tkemali - Georgian traditional home-made plum sauce

Specific Georgian Dishes Ajapsandali - ratatouille with aubergines, potatoes, sweet pepper, and tomatoes Chakhohbili - chicken braised in tomato and wine sauce with herbs served with 'shoti puri' Chqmeruli (Tabaka)- flat fried chicken in garlic sauce served with potatoes Cicaka satenit - sweet pepper filled with rice, carrots & fresh herbs in tomato sauce Mscvadi (Shashlik) - pan-fried marinated pork with plum sauce & baby potatoes Khinkali - the ubiquitous traditional Georgian dumplings with juicy meat filling (traditional with beef & pork, avalable with beef or lamb) Chashushuli - veal casserole in spiced tomato sauce with herbs served with 'shoti puri' Chaqapuli - spicy lamb casserole flavoured with wine & plum sauce served with 'shoti puri' Jarkoe 'Tamada Special' - baked layers of veal, golden fried onions, baked potatoes, cheese, herbs & tarragon, topped with black paper & mayonnaise


I love sharing details about upcoming tasty trips and adventures, so you won't want to miss a bite. As always, please feel free to chat with me on Twitter, join our group on Facebook and keep up with new posts here by subscribing.


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