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In advance of the holiday season here in the States, I wanted to share an older post about how I celebrated the holidays as a child with my family. If you're looking for some delicious holiday recipes to include in your lineup next week, Biaxin xl 500mg clarithromycin, please click through at the end to view the original post.

Next week's MOTB post will go up on Wednesday instead of Thursday due to Thanksgiving. Have a great weekend!








The Holiday Table

It’s 7:30 on Christmas Eve, biaxin for ear infection. Grandma and I have already made the Christmas cookies. She watched over me earlier in the week as I lightly rolled the date balls, still warm from the oven, in a thin layer of confectioner’s sugar on the counter top, medication for ear infection. Biaxin xl pak directions, The almond crescent cookies took me a few Christmases to master, but on this particular year I had gotten the hang of shaping them without handling them too much. If you heat the dough up with your fingers too often, biaxin for strep throat, the dough hardens and the cookies become both hard and brittle. Buy biaxin online, With the cookies behind us, the easiest part lay ahead. I loved the holidays because I lived at celebration central, biaxin xl 500. Medication for ear infection, All of my aunts, uncles and cousins came to the house I shared with Grandma and Grampa for all the big parties. We took out the pretty plates with gold leaf and the heavy lead crystal wine glasses for the adults. Biaxin for ear infections, We put the leaf in the dining room table to make it big enough and pulled a round folding table onto the lanai for the kids’ table, where I sat with my older cousins. The real little cousins sat at another small table nearby, biaxin xl pak.

But the last thing to do on Christmas Eve was prepare the bread for the homemade stuffing. Grandma pulled several cookies sheets with lightly toasted Wonder Bread out of the oven, medication for ear infection. Biaxin for sale, My task was to sit on the kick stool and break the slices into small pieces and toss them into brown grocery bags, where we would let them sit overnight to further dry them out.

That was my favorite part of the holiday cooking, biaxin for strep, breaking the toasty slices and watching the crumbs fall into the bag at my feet. Medication for ear infection, A night light was on near the sink and Grandma and Grampa sat in the family room nearby, rocking in their matching recliners, sipping egg nog and listening to Bing Crosby Christmas tunes, prescriptions for bladder infections. I miss them dearly during the holidays. Medication for ear infection, Last year, I made my first turkey at Thanksgiving. Biaxin xl 500mg, I made the stuffing according to the recipe Grandma and I used when I was growing up. It was Mimi’s recipe. (Mimi was my great-grandmother.) I let the bread sit in the brown paper grocery bags overnight and enjoyed a very peaceful holiday despite the drama that threatened to ruin it, order biaxin.

This year, Biaxin xl 500 mg, I don’t know if I’ll make a turkey, but there are a few things that I know I will make because they bring me so much contentment while I’m busy preparing them. I’m making the frosty date balls and almond crescent cookies to keep my grandparents close to me while they celebrate down south, medication for ear infection.

I’m making the cherry amaretto and orange cranberry scones I have made for the past two years. For Christmas breakfast, I’m making the french toast bread pudding I made last year during the calm before my final storm. I wanted to share the recipes with you, in case you were looking for a little extra happy to add to your holiday table.


To read the rest of this post and get four of my favorite holiday recipes, click over to the original post on my personal blog by clicking here.

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