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Biaxin xl 500mg, Whew. What a month. Life away from Mouth Of The Border has been busy with business trips to four different cities in the course of the past month.

Autumn is here in New York City, and with it comes a slower pace and all the comforts of weekend cooking and Sunday football. How have you been doing with the change in the seasons, prescription for ear infection.

As we kick off the new season and new beginnings, I'll continue to share about ethnic food and immigrant neighborhoods here in NYC, biaxin xl 500mg. I'll also be sharing more here about the fun food events I participate in as well as more posts about home cooking.

Hardly a week goes by where I'm not enjoying a special meal out, throwing a new recipe together at home or participating in a food-related event and, if my hunch is right, Buy biaxin online, you'd enjoy sharing those experiences with me. Let me know your thoughts on that.

Foodies on the Move

Last month, for instance, I attended the 2010 Vendy Awards, which is an awesome mash-up of food festival, medication for ear infection, fundraiser and cookoff. Biaxin xl 500mg, The Street Vendor Project, a support organization for NYC's more than 10,000 street vendors, has organized and hosted The Vendy Awards for the past six years.

In New York City, the city's best ethnic food isn't always found in off-the-beaten-path restaurants. Sometimes it's just steps away in food trucks right in the middle of the city's busiest neighborhoods. Biaxin for strep, According to the Vendy's website, the Street Vendor Project "is part of the Urban Justice Center, a non-profit organization that provides legal representation and advocacy to various marginalized groups of New Yorkers." The site also goes on to share why they host the Vendys to raise money each year: "Vendors are small businesspeople struggling to make ends meet. Most are immigrants and people of color. They work long hours under harsh conditions, asking for nothing more than a chance to sell their goods on the public sidewalk."

The Street Vendor Project helps educate vendors on their legal rights and gives them support by linking them up with other local small businesses, biaxin xl 500mg. Mouth of the Border supports any genuine efforts to sustain the diverse food cultures and immigrant communities of New York City.

I headed off to the Vendy Awards knowing I'd have the opportunity to eat some tasty, biaxin xl 500mg clarithromycin, authentic ethnic food while giving some of our city's most talented foodizens their due.


The first stop of the day at the Patacon Pisao truck also wound up being my favorite dish of the day. I love the story of how truck owner/chef and 2010 Vendy Award Finalist Liliana Velasquez became a mobile chef back in 2005. Biaxin xl 500mg, According to the event program, Velasquez moved to NYC from Venezuela, went to work as a waitress at an Italian restaurant in Manhattan in order to learn English. One day, Biaxin for ear infections, a cook was out so they put her to work in the kitchen and she knew what she was doing.

[caption id="attachment_388" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Patacon Pisao Truck"]Patacon Pisao Truck[/caption]

Fast forward: Velasquez wanted to open a restaurant but didn't have that kind of money. She saw a food truck for sale in the paper and wanted to buy it, but it wouldn't start. She couldn't drive it anywhere, so she set it up right where it was parked in Washington Heights, biaxin xl 500 mg. Patacon Pisao was an instant hit with the patrons of the Dominican nightclub patrons across the street, biaxin xl 500mg.

I totally get why. The truck's namesake -- the patacon -- is a Venezuelan sandwich/quesadilla mashup with an outer layer made of fried plantain and stuffed with all sorts of goodies (in this case shredded roasted pork and fried cheese, lettuce, tomato and a light, Buy biaxin online, creamy secret sauce). It was soooooo good, and I can imagine it being an excellent nosh after a few hours working up a sweat on the dance floor. Check out some hunger-inducing patacon pics on the web here. Biaxin xl 500mg, I also tried a cachapa, a sweet corn cake that was like a dense cornbread, sliced and toasted and used as a sandwich wrapper. Mine was filled with queso, but you can also order it with any number of meat fillings, medication for ear infection.

[caption id="attachment_389" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Liliana Velasquez dishing up the goods at the 2010 Vendy Awards."]Liliana Velasquez dishing up the goods at the 2010 Vendy Awards.[/caption]

You can check out one of Patacon Pisao's two locations if you're in NYC. The truck is parked in Washington Heights and they also have a small restaurant in Queens. Check out their menu by clicking here.

This little taste got me excited to try more Venezuelan food, but remind me to hit the gym beforehand, biaxin xl 500mg. All that meat and fried and cheese has to go somewhere. Biaxin xl 500mg, After all that cheese, it was time to see the sweet side of things. In addition to enjoying fancy ice cream samples from my friends at the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, I tracked down something I'd never seen or tasted before: Dragon Beard Candy (called long tzi tang in Chinese).

[caption id="attachment_395" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Yao's Dragon Beard Candy"]Yao's Dragon Beard Candy[/caption]

Dragon beard candy is simply spun sugar filled with coconut and peanut and eaten fresh so it melts on your tongue. Biaxin xl 500mg, I loved watching Yao Ai Kui make his dragon beard candy. Check out this really short video of him below, prescriptions for bladder infections.

  • The awesome Food In Mouth blog has a post on the process of making dragon beard candy here.

  • Serious Eats New York expounds on 4 different ways to eat Dragon Beard Candy here.

Lastly, Biaxin for strep throat, I can't write about the Vendys without congratulating my friends and one of my favorite food trucks for winning the honor for Best Dessert Truck. Kelvin's Natural Slush had the longest lines all day at the Vendys for a few reasons: their all natural fruity slushes are refreshing, customizable and deee-freaking-licious. Also, their truck is very handsome.

The Vendy Awards was a fun day and raised awareness for a great cause, biaxin xl 500mg. I can't wait to go again next year, order biaxin. Check out a pic of the giant line of people waiting for Kelvin's slush and other pics from the 2010 Vendy Awards on my Flickr page here.

If you don't live in a food truck-friendly city, check out more photos on Foodspotting from foodizens on the go at NYC's food trucks.

Comment time. Biaxin xl 500mg, Tell me, do you live in a place with a lot of food trucks. If so, what's your favorite one.

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