Casserole Crazy!! (Wait, What?)

by Emily on October 20, 2009 · 3 comments

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I'm still cookin'!! Butternut Bliss A couple of updates on Mouth of the Border: 1) I know, I know. We still have so much exploring to do in the West Indian communities I started us off on back in June. I am editing so much video I can't even explain it. It's good. It's coming. Stay hungry, please. 2) I started working on my exploration of Russian food (as I mentioned in the Brighton Beach post), and have great news on that front: I found a Russian mom to cook with! That's the kind of thing that's really at the heart of this site - finding people who came here from their native country, settled in and made New York City home and are now willing to share that culture with me (and you) through cooking. I hope to do some videos with Russian Mom in November. 3) It looks like after we're done with West Indian and Russian, we'll be taking a trip back through the islands with an exploration of Haitian food. I have a huge list of restaurants and grocers. Please send your suggestions! Have Haitian friends or family? Please send them my way! Later on tonight, I'll be competing in the Fifth Annual Casserole Crazy Party with a recipe I'm calling "Hot Pursuit." Since it's not ethnic food-related, you won't see it here but if you're curious, I invite you to check out the details after 4 p.m. over on my blog. I've been writing up a storm at, so if you're getting TOO hungry waiting here, there are some snacks there to tide you over!
  • Dee

    Russian cooking is so fun! I watch my BF's Mom do it all the time :) Have fun!

    • emilyspearl

      Thank you so much for your comment, Dee. Thank you for stopping by and
      I hope you come back when I do the posts on Russian food!

  • Warren Bobrow

    I'm very interested in your musings on the Brighton Beach scene having never been east of Brooklyn… sad, I know… Can you help me? Guide my palate? Please let me share with you my recipe (from my great grandmother (Russian of course) for Matzo Ball Soup.. .it tests as it has tested every year since…..the beginning of time.. cheers! wb from Russia: via NJ with love…

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